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House Breaking your Pet
Tips I have gathered to help you get your pet on the right track

DO NOT let your pup run loose in the house unless you are there to watch him, confind him to a small area like a crate or the bathroom.

Take him out first thing in the morning..don't u always have to go first thing in the morning?   Praise him/her highly when the he is done. Pick a command for "Potty"..whatever the command you chose the important thing is to STICK TO IT!

Take him out after every meal, after naps, and last thing at night. Watch for sudden sniffing in circles, back and forth sniffing and whining.  Get him out right away. Say "do you want to POTTY?" Always take him out on a that he knows that his is Potty Time (no pun intende hehe) and not PLAY time.

Clean up any mistakes with non-ammonia based cleaners. Follow up with a light spray or dabbing the area with vinegar.

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