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Adoption Agreement

Adoption Fee: $30 for mixed breeds and $50 for full breed dogs.  This fee goes towards care of animals while in foster homes.

I understand that if for any reason the animal canít live with me, I will contact the Southern Ohio Animal Rescue, and work with them to find the animal an acceptable home.  I agree that I will not give this animal away without the approval of the rescue, no matter how good I think the home would be.
I will NEVER give away the rescue, and firmly understand that the Southern Ohio Animal Rescue reserves the rights to check with me at any time to verify that the animal is happy and being cared for properly.

I agree to contact S.O.A.R. if the animal has a health or behavioral problem that I can not resolve. I agree that this animal will never be used by any laboratory, for any kind of research.

I promise I will never let this animal run loose in the neighborhood, and that the animal will wear the appropriate tags on a secure collar at all times.

I will take animal to a vet for a check up within a month of adopting it, to establish a medical record there. I will take rescue to the vet yearly for shots, worm check, and basic health check.

I agree to provide a clean, safe environment where rescue will not be subject to neglect or abuse.

Adoption Application
If you have any questions please contact Bridget at Southern Ohio Animal Rescue

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