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Here are the dogs we have for adoption at this time.  If you would be interested in giving any of these little angels a home please read our adoption agreement.


All adoptable dogs have been spayed/neutered, are current on heartworm prevention, vaccines and deworming, have been temperament evaluated, and started on basic obediance training.  There is an adoption donation of $30 for mixed breeds and $50 for pure breeds.  All donations go to the care of the animals while in foster homes.

updated 9/1/2000

American Bulldog, , 21 months old and cannot be with female or male dogs or small children nuetered, currrent on vaccines, heartworm prevention. Has  worked on basic training, does fair, will improve with consistent work. Walks easily on leash, very loving and affectionate.  Must have six foot fenced yard, or maintained on a leash for safety.
Adoption fee - $50.00


five year olds, Husky/Rottweiler. He is housetrained, neutered, obediance trained, good with
older kids only...he needs placement fast as he is headed for a shelter soon.
Added 9/1/2000


updated 9/1/2000
8 months old, Basset/Sheltie mix, his owner does not take care of him, so he has been reclaimed into our organization. crate trained, but not housetrained...easy going, good with kids, dogs and cats...very sweet dog.
Adoption fee - $30.00

pictured at 3 mos.
Updated 9/1/2000
Hound mix, all black, sweet, male. 6 months old, will be neutered before placement.
Adoption fee - $30.00
Picture not yet available

Fullbred pitt bull, seven months old, very sweet tempered, is bossy with other dogs, but seems to adjust well to them with time, she is almost housetrained, and knows her basic obediance commands. She is highly submissive to people, and would make a great family dog for any size children or without children. 
Added 9/5/00


Pomeranian mix: 1-2 years old, crate trained, not housetrained, friendly, good with dogs, cats, children, loving, and playful...great family companion.
Adoption fee - $30.00


Two years old, nicely housetrained, needs at least a six foot pen outdoors. Very playful, neutered, current on vaccines and heartworm prevention, good watch dog, gets along with cats, strong sense of home, never wanders far away, but will need to be kept confined in a new home for a while. Roccos's situations is urgent, he can't be placed with ANY small children as he is not good with small children at all.
Added 9/1/2000

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