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Welcome to Southern Ohio Animal Rescue!

Our Mission

It is the purpose of Southern Ohio Animal Rescue to rescue homeless dogs from situations that are not suitable for the safety and well-being of the animal by:
Providing foster homes for rescued dogs
Providing transportation, if possible, to secure the safety and well-being of rescued dogs
To place rescued foster dogs in suitable and compatible permanent adoptive homes
To provide accurate and complete information on the specific dog, and dog care in general, to potential adoptive families
To provide reasonable and necessary veternarian care for rescued dogs

Southern Ohio Animal Rescue is part of the Hand-up Foundation, which uses pets from the rescue for Pet Therapy programs and are expanding to be able to offer basic living needs to people in the area who need help.  The Hand-up Foundation provides basic living needs (food, shelter, and clothing) for three months, during which time the individuals volunteer their time to help us with our Animal Rescue, and Pet Therapy program.

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Can you help in another way?
We need collars, food, leashs, bowls, toys, and money for vet bills.
If you can help please email Bridget at Southern Ohio Animal Rescue


If you have any questions or comments regarding the efforts of this site please contact Bridget at Southern Ohio Animal Rescue
You may also contact the Southern Ohio Animal Rescue by phone @ 740-867-8513

Nikki Cook, professional dog trainer
10 years experience as a reputable trainer. Contact Nikki by phone @ 606-474-5670, 


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